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Training from the eFoodServ family of companies means you receive state-of-the-art training built for food professionals by food professionals.
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Food Handlers

eFoodHandlers is a national, ANSI-accredited food safety training provider. Our interactive program includes videos and learning exercises to provide quality training options for every learning style. Get your Food Handlers Card today!

Food Managers

Food Service Managers must understand food safety at a higher level. This knowledge is vital in order to effectively manage and train food workers on safe food handling practices. Study at your own pace with our comprehensive online program.

Alcohol Servers

Learn the basics of responsible alcohol service including how to protect yourself and your establishment from the risks of serving, selling, or mixing alcohol. As an alcohol server, you play an important role in making sure the public consumes alcohol safely.

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Other Services

Pay for your Employees

eFoodServ's commitment to education is an integral part of their mission statement for CALIFORNIA. This means eFoodHandlers will provide free & low-cost services to schools, non-profits and those who are economically challenged regardless of their ability to pay.

For Schools

eFoodServ provides free and low-cost services to any public classroom wishing to teach a food safety curriculum to youth. Countless schools across the US have taken advantage of this program to orient youth to food safety issues and proper handling practices at an early age. Food Safety training can also provide an important career ladder for students wishing to enter the food service job market.

For those needing help

Those in-need are never refused training at eFoodServ. We recognize that many people face challenges and money should never be an impediment to getting a food service job. eFoodServ works in conjuction with their eFoodFoundation partner to assure affordable training is always available, regardless of economic status.